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The steps that a website visitor takes to become a customer is your buyer’s journey.

For example, this could be:

1. Lands on landing page
2. Reaches thankyou page
3. Books a sales call via calendly
4. Receives 3 emails
5. Joins sales call

Being able to define the main pathway that your customers take is extremely important. This allows you to associate a percentage with each step of the buyer’s journey, identifying where the leak is that needs fixing.

Buyer’s Journey
Once you have this data and you know where your customer’s journey has inefficiencies, the next step is to hypothesise why that step ins’t performing as hoped.

3. Books a sales call via Calendly

Let’s drill down into point 3 from the above example:

Booking rate – 5% (only 1 out of 20 people)

Why is this performing poorly? (hypothesis)

We now have various beliefs as to why the booking rate is low.
The next step is to run an experiment.
Pick the variables from the hypothesis that will be modified within step 3. 
Make the changes to the Calendly booking form and then monitor the results over a prescribed period of time to see if there was an improvement.
It might take 5 experiments until you figure out what was missing, but this is fine. As long as you are testing you are moving forwards, you’re now operating ahead of 90% of businesses (most people don’t test things).

Why is this performing poorly_ (hypothesis)
Where to start?

Does this sound like something you know you should be doing but you’re still not sure where to start?

Step one, request access to my buyers journey tracking sheet

Step two, define the steps with your own unique journey

Step three, add a session to your calendar to update the data every 2-weeks (or delegate)

After you have 2-4 weeks of data you can start to see where things aren’t flowing.

At this stage, you can meet with your marketing team and discuss potential experiments to overcome this drop.

If you get stuck feel free to book a consulting call with me and we can assess:

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I hope that this article helps you to smooth out any kinks in your buyer’s journey!
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