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“Getting a conversion rate of 31.21% has been a major win, meaning that almost ⅓ of all traffic has demonstrated interest.”
Average Conversion Rate (main generic campaigns)
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Lead Volume Increase
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The above stats represent our results within 12 weeks

The Client

multi-location orthodontic practice based in Washington, DC and Stafford, VA, the client’s main goal is to find new clients who need dental services.


The orthodontic niche is highly competitive, with Google Ads costing as much as $15 per click (CPC). 

To make the most of the ad budget, the team had to launch a lead generation page that built trust, established professionalism and soothed anxieties related to visiting the orthodontist.


First, the media buyers team conducted thorough keyword research to identify the best niche to target. 
Based on relevant keywords, estimated minimum CPC and average monthly search volumes, they chose the generic “orthodontist” theme. 
Because people often book orthodontic appointments by phone, the team also installed CallRail to analyze calls. As a result, the number of unqualified leads dropped dramatically. 

Once the generic campaigns were running with CallRail for 6 weeks, the team launched additional campaigns targeting “braces” with a new landing page.


This campaign was immediately successful. 

As you can see below, the conversion rate reached 31.21% and captured 372 leads.

Although the cost per conversion hovered around $51, the average order value of each patient is $2000 (with lifetime values exceeding $5000 per person).


The flagship campaign is generating a steady stream of booked appointments and new patients. 

Now, the main goal is to improve the performance of less effective campaigns.

They are showing worse results in terms of conversion rate but the cost/lead is similar due to a lower CPC for this keyword theme. We have managed to increase the conversion rate from 8% to 15% over the course of 3 months.

showing worse results

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Grow business with LiftedMetrics

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