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The Goal

The goal was to create highly relevant Google Ads campaigns that would be as specific as possible. Each keyword vertical had to be separated into a separate Google Ads search campaign.

Each campaign was going to use a specifically tailored landing page to maximize results within the allocated total monthly budget of $4000 initially.

The Solution

Keywords for dentists even when using the most specific exact match type still trigger a lot of “similar” terms which are not closely related to the ones that are being directly targeted.

To be able to implement the planned strategy and account structure, we have done extensive negative keyword research and keyword sculpting on the campaign level.

Right from the start of the campaigns, we have noticed that a lot of conversions were calls from ads which happen right directly from the ads before reaching the landing pages.

The call tracking software that was being used didn’t provide enough functionality to be able to record those calls to check whether they were qualified or not.

We have moved all call tracking both for landing pages and the main website to Callrail. Callrail reports have shown that the absolute majority of the calls from ads were qualified.

The client decided to test new verticals for specific services for which new campaigns and landing pages were created.

The total budget that is being used now is $7500 a month

Here you can see the results we got over the first month

Here you can see the results we got over the first month
Here you can see the results we got over the first month 1

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