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Pure IV Texas provides mobile IV therapy at home, office or training sites. They offer different infusions such as vitamins, electrolytes, antioxidants and others for treatment of a variety of symptoms.

The client was not running Google Ads before starting with Lifted Metrics. Here is a visual of the results to date.

Pure IV Texas provides mobile IV


We begun with 2 search campaigns, one Brand and one Generic. For the first month until the end of June, the CPL was $261.66 and the CR was very low at 0.20%.

We started out with a manual CPC based bidding strategy. We started with low bids and gradually increased or decreased them on keyword level depending on priority and performance in order to avoid overspending on non-performing keywords.

During this beginning stage we also focused on optimizing the negative keywords in the account. Once we had initial traction we were able to add more campaigns including a Performance Max campaign and started implementing smart bidding with target Cost Per Action.

This allowed us to decrease our Cost Per Lead by 39.37% for the month of July giving us a CPL of 156.51 and an increase of Conversion Rate to 0.85%.

In July we saw a total of 190 conversions which was an increase of 139 conversions. We continued to optimize the existing campaigns and added display campaigns to the account in August. Below is a snapshot of the August results compared to July.

We begun with 2 search campaigns,

As we can see we increased our Conversion Rate significantly while maintaining a steady Cost Per Lead.

Strategy & Solutions:

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Grow business with LiftedMetrics

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