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Sam Bird

Lifted Metrics Founder

Your Data Driven Marketing Partner

At Lifted Metrics we provide an array of marketing solutions that can be both monitored and optimised. You're busy running your business and finding the resources to properly monitor your marketing funnel can be a challenge. We offer you the chance to outsource various aspects of your digital marketing activities and provide you with the KPI's and recommendations to constantly optimise your funnel. Scroll down to discover how we can help your business increase your conversion rate while reducing your cost of conversion.  

Request a free Conversion Rate Optimisation audit 

Before you begin to consider doing business with Lifted Metrics, let us provide you with a free CRO audit. We'll be able to provide you with valuable insights and be able to demonstrate our knowledge in the process. See how this works below.

15 minutes analysis

After you submit your request for a CRO audit we'll spend 15 minutes analysing your supplied marketing asset.

Optimisation Opportunities 

We'll then come up with at least three opportunities where we believe you can increase your conversion rate.

Free audit recording 

After analysing your marketing asset and identifying at least 3 features for improvement we'll send you a video audit.

About the founder Sam

With over 7 years experience in the digital marketing space Sam has a broad understanding of the online industry. With a focus on measurable marketing activities, his data driven marketing practices provide clients with quantifiable results.

Core Services We Offer

Strategy Consultations

From refining your customer message to drafting marketing campaigns, book a strategy session to gain clarity on a topic of your choice.

Direct Message Traffic

Highly targeted traffic engaged with in a conversational manner, our DM traffic service provides you with a consistent stream of relevant leads. 

Funnel Development & Optimisation

From crafting an advert to split testing your payment page, we can help create or optimise components of your marketing funnel.

Partner Package

Our partner package positions your business as if it was our business. You'll have access to weekly strategy sessions, ongoing KPI reports and various done for you services.

Discover how your conversion rate can be improved with a free CRO Audit

Test our knowledge and gain valuable insights into how your funnel could be improved   

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