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It’s a big claim to reduce the lead price by a third, but our system of sequential experiments archives this again and again.

The below data is taken from our account success tracking sheet, a core company KPI within Lifted Metrics. Every month we estimate the total leads we believe we will generate and the expected cost of each lead, this is shared with then shared with each client so that expectations are clear.

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rollwright landing page

Rollwright builds and fits garage doors in the UK, they are a family business that has been around for over 3 decades and has an excellent reputation.

Through The Lifted Metrics Optimization Engine, we were able to reduce cost per lead from £45 to £29 in less than 12 weeks. 

A 35% decrease in Cost Per Lead (CPL)

our kids landing page

Our Kids connect Canadian parents and private schools through expo events.

They had a very short runway between the launch and the first event with a need to scale fast.

In just 2 months we reduced the lead cost from $37 to $27 While scaling their ad budget x3.

A 27% decrease in Cost Per Lead (CPL)

Reduce Cost Per Lead by 30-50%

Praise Pal is a SaaS solution that helps remote teams to receive the recognition they deserve.

They focus on serving enterprise customers such as Tik Tok & Grab, which requires highly targeted B2B lead generation.

Through The Lifted Metrics Optimization Engine, we reduced their cost per lead from $198 to $48 in just 3-months.

A 75% decrease in Cost Per Lead (CPL)

awakn life science

Awakn Life Sciences is a biotechnology company that develops and delivers psychedelic therapeutics (medicines and therapies) to treat addiction better.

Through our process, we were able to reduce their CPL from €65 to €43 in the space of 3 months.

A 33% decrease in Cost Per Lead (CPL)

7 health landing page

7Health is a Direct Primary Care (DPC) provider based in Texas, providing a cost-effective alternative to health insurance.

Within 12 weeks we scaled the client’s lead volume 5x while reducing the cost per lead from $95 to $38.

A 60% decrease in Cost Per Lead (CPL)

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Grow business with LiftedMetrics

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