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It seems logical to take a break between work, but for some reason I wouldn’t allow myself that luxury.

I was “grinding, ” but that didn’t mean I was moving forward. I was frantically jumping from one task to the next, joining as many zoom calls as possible in a day, feeling like I was going around in a hamster’s wheel.

Honestly I thought this behaviour was normal, that progress = movement.
This all changed after my first few sessions with an organisation known as Consistent Performance.

They taught me how to operate efficiently as opposed to manically.

What I learnt through the CP program is that:

From implementing the above 3 habits, I have found a level of zen and efficiency that I’ve never experienced before.

I’m now working fewer hours but achieving so much more.

My working day used to consist of 10-15 back-to-back meetings, now with my new structure, I’m forced to focus on the needle-moving activities and step back from low-priority tasks.

How long should the break be? I use the Marinara Pomodoro extension to set a 10-minute break every 50 minutes. A 5-minute break for 25 minutes of work is also popular.

What should you do on your break? Don’t look at your phone, that’s not a proper break. Read a few pages of some non-fiction, take a walk or do some light stretching. Just don’t look at a screen.

Breaking my day into 50-minute chunks and working on planned activities within these sessions has been a game changer for me.

I now feel balanced and less reactive than before.

Try treating yourself to regular breaks throughout your day, then after 2 weeks compare your productivity and stress levels to your previous routine.

I hope you find a new level of zen in your working day as I have.

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