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We believe PPC advertising for healthcare should be simple and easy. Our team starts with thorough research to find the most relevant keywords for your medical services. Then we organize them into tightly themed ad groups.

We are a healthcare PPC advertising firm that believes in the power of continuous monitoring and optimization. We track performance metrics such as CTRs, conversion rates, and CPCs to identify areas for improvement.

Compelling ad copy is crucial for a successful healthcare PPC campaign. Our team of experienced copywriters creates ads that speak directly to the needs and pain points of potential patients and encourage them to click and convert.

We tailor PPC landing pages to specific ad groups and keywords, with clear calls to action and relevant information. Our bespoke landing pages have a user-friendly layout, clear messaging, and a mobile-responsive design.

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Yes, healthcare PPC can benefit practices of all sizes. Whether you’re a small clinic or a large hospital, PPC advertising allows you to tailor your campaigns to your unique needs and reach your target audience effectively.

We use advanced analytics and conversion tracking tools to monitor the performance of your healthcare PPC campaigns. You’ll receive detailed reports on key metrics, such as click-through rates (CTR), conversion rates, and cost-per-conversion, providing insights into campaign effectiveness.

Yes, our healthcare PPC advertising service includes optimization strategies for improving the conversion rate of your healthcare landing pages. We continuously monitor the performance of your ads and landing pages, making data-driven adjustments to maximize conversions.

Grow your business with Lifted Metrics

Grow business with LiftedMetrics

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We’ll go over what exactly you’re looking for and see if this is a good fit. I’ll help you identify any potential gaps in your strategy, and we can discuss the best plan for your situation.

If at the end of the call we don’t feel that this is the best fit, then at the very least, you’ll have some valuable insights and ideas to use.

Grow business with LiftedMetrics