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It seems logical to take a break between work, but for some reason I wouldn’t allow myself that luxury.

I was “grinding, ” but that didn’t mean I was moving forward. I was frantically jumping from one task to the next, joining as many zoom calls as possible in a day, feeling like I was going around in a hamster’s wheel.

Honestly, I thought this behaviour was normal, that progress = movement.
This all changed after my first few sessions with an organization known as Consistent Performance.

How I Gamified My Business
This got me thinking, what’s my reward?

I sat down and thought about what I really wanted. It wasn’t things; it was experiences. I began associating my different revenue goals with trips I had always wanted to take. As a business owner, I find it hard to justify taking time off but framing the trip as a reward takes away the guilt.

I love this gamification of my business; it allows me to work hard and ensure that I enjoy the fruits of my labour.

I recently returned from a trip to Machu Pichu as a reward for doubling my company. It had been a major life goal to make it to this historical site, a fitting reward for the business growth I had achieved.

When it comes to motivation and developing a better work-life balance, this is one of the best hacks that I’ve personally found.

This got me thinking, what’s my reward
How to Gamify your business:

Once you’ve completed the above steps, break down your quarterly goals into smaller activities and milestones.

The system outlined above has changed the way I approach business, allowing me to unlock new experiences as the business continues to grow.

Machu Pichu was even better than I expected, I enjoyed it even more because I deserved it. During the first week of January, I’ll be planning out a new series of rewards. I’m excited for more experiences to come in 2023!

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