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There are a lot of fancy marketing concepts out there, technical terminology and sophisticated software. When you really boil everything down though, one mantra set’s the foundation of everything:

“Don’t make me think”

Back in 2000, Steve Krug wrote a book titled “Don’t make me think” that really opened my eyes to this simple concept. Make things obvious, make the desired steps as easy to follow as possible, and don’t make an individual exert any more energy than absolutely necessary (because they probably won’t).
This means that if someone arrives on your webpage, without them having to pause, they know what it is that you offer and what’s so special about your business.
Simplify Your Marketing: The 'Don't Make Me Think' Principle

They know that they must scroll down the page to retrieve further info.

They know exactly why they should submit their details in your contact form and what will happen after they do.

They don’t have to think, the page is laid out in a way that removes any guesswork. All an individual is required to do is scroll and skim, flowing through the page effortlessly to arrive at a desired destination.

That’s what “don’t make me think” means

Simplify Your Marketing: The 'Don't Make Me Think' Principle

Most web pages aren’t that clear, often, the owners have their heads deep in their business and what they may think is obvious, might not make sense to a potential customer with little industry background.

It’s always great to have an outsider skim over your page/adverts before they go live, if they don’t get it at first glance then you need to put more effort into simplifying your copy.

If you have a page that isn’t converting well, assess it with some individuals outside of your industry and listen to their feedback. This simple practice could help you to make massive improvements on the effectiveness of your digital marketing

Simplify Your Marketing: The 'Don't Make Me Think' Principle

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