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I can’t overstate the importance of team culture.

To build a successful business, you can’t just hire people with the right skills. You have to find people who fit in with the community and bring a positive vibe to the workplace.

I learned this the hard way.

The Impacts of Toxic Team Culture

The Impacts of Toxic Team Culture

Early in my career, I worked in the building trade at a company where toxicity was the norm. My boss suffered from explosive anger. Whenever things would go wrong, he would lose his temper, and it made work unbearable. 

It made me realize that no one should have to deal with that kind of behavior in the workplace. No amount of money was worth getting yelled at every day. 

When these situations came up, my productivity tanked, and the morale of the whole team suffered. I never wanted to work with management like that again. 

Importance of Team Culture​

The Importance of Community

From that experience, I learned that a community of like-minded individuals truly makes work more comfortable and enjoyable

When you have a good team with a good culture, everything just falls into place. Work doesn’t feel like work. You actually look forward to getting on a call with your colleagues because it just feels like talking with friends.

As a society, we’ve moved away from community. Attachment to the internet, our phones, and social media have made us all more isolated and individualistic. 

But human nature and psychology tell us that having a community is still important. It always has been. Having a community within your company helps fulfill the human need for belonging and togetherness, making the experience more real, fulfilling, and enjoyable.

That’s why, at my current company, we place a huge emphasis on team culture.

The Importance of Community

The Benefits of Positive Team Culture

We ensure that everyone we bring in fits into our community. Our team members are all like-minded and positive. They don’t create unnecessary drama, and anyone who is counterproductive to the overall happiness of the community will eventually have to go.

For example, it was around Christmas last year when our team had the opportunity to push for more clients. I decided that taking on more clients would add extra stress to the team, and we all know that the holiday season is already stressful as it is. 

The Benefits of Positive Team Culture

I made the decision not to put pressure on anyone, and I made sure not to overwork or overload them. As a result, we performed better in January, compared to the previous year. 

For me, employee happiness always comes first over potential growth, because we can’t reach our maximum potential without positive team culture.

Importance of Team Culture

The Bottom Line

As a leader, remember to celebrate the little victories. 

Celebrate a new employee bringing on their first client, and remember birthdays and holidays. 

Don’t forget to encourage your team when they’re doing well, and help them when they’re falling behind. 

Building a community is not just about skills and qualifications. It’s about finding individuals who fit within the community and bring a positive vibe. It’s about fostering a sense of belonging and togetherness that makes the experience more fulfilling and meaningful.

You can’t have a great business without great team culture.

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