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It still baffles me when I hear someone claiming they can comfortably live off of 6-hours of sleep.

Arnold Schwarzenegger tells his followers to “sleep faster”, pushing 6 hours as a healthy rest window.

When I began work on my first startup, I would never take sleep that seriously. This was until I came across a podcast with Dr Matthew Walker.

The discussion terrified me:


Despite knowing this information, I still struggled to get 7 hours of sleep per night (I was averaging 6 hours). There always seem to be distractions, some notifications after your attention, pushing bedtime back later and later.

Although my sleep is still not perfect, I recently made considerable improvements. This is thanks to the teachings of Kilian Markert at Consistent Performance Mentoring.

The main takeaways of what I learnt:

Unlocking the Secrets of Better Sleep: How I Increased my Sleep Efficiency

The above learnings helped me to form better habits around sleep.

Another breakthrough I had was after taking Dr. Michael Breus Chronotype Sleep test and discovering how to better structure my day for peak performance. As a result of the test, I moved my habitual workout time from the mornings to midday. This shift has drastically improved my efficiency, I now get a little more sleep in the morning and handle my most important task of the day first (after my morning routine).

Although I’m still not reaching the target of 8 hours of sleep, I’m happy with my progress.

I’ve found that the secret to a great night’s rest is experimentation, documenting what works and what doesn’t and then trying new things to improve this vital metric.

I’ll continue to test and change things until I get my sleep score into the green. I certainly won’t settle for 6-hours as Arny suggests.

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